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NCexperts is a Consulting Group in multidisciplinary Engineering Services. :

  • Civil & Structural Engineering

  • Petroleum Storage Tanks & Handling Facilities

  • Environment

NCexperts mission is to offer specific expertise and design solutions in order to improve operational process of customers. We offer tailored and specific services. NCexperts services include:

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Civil Engineering

Drainage, catch/retention sewer system - storm and sanitary sewers - water supply system Servicing and grading design Dike Parking area

civil engineering


Structural engineering for residential, institutional/commercial and industrial purposes. Building’s construction and maintenance structural engineering

structural engineering


Site assessment, remediation Site, groundwater monitoring certificate of approval

petroleum  engineering

Petroleum storage tank & equipments

Underground and Above ground storage tanks facilities including piping, dispensers, containment and Audible and visual control system Backup power generator fuel supply system Gas station and facilities

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